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Care & Handling

Thank you for your Palinoh order!

We are excited to have you on board as we grow our community of conscious individuals. For far too long, vegan leather meant nasty plastics and chemicals that were equally detrimental to the planet.

Thanks to the innovation of plant based leathers - such as our Desserto cactus leather - we can now create products that aren't detrimental to the soil and ecosystem.

We are committed to protecting our earth and its people, therefore you will constantly see us innovating, tweaking and learning about new ways we can create sustainably.

You'll notice that we ship your orders in post-consumer recycled cardboard and avoid the excess use of tags, miscellaneous plastics or paper add-ons so as to reduce waste. The plastic wrapper your bag came in is also recycled and has been used multiple times throughout the supply chain.

Our bags are produced by a small, family-run manufacturer in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Each product is handmade by artisanal experts who value their trade and are paid fair waged for their expertise. Because of this, every bag and accessory is unique and one of a kind since products are produced slowly and in small batches - no mass production!

Because of this, proper care is encouraged so as to extend the life of each product.

Caring for your products

  • Avoid washing your bags with water, instead wipe down the surface with a lint-free towel.
  • Avoid getting your handbags wet, in case of rain or too much water exposure make sure to air dry your handbags in a hanger.
The vegan leather we use for our products may start to biodegrade after 10 years (it is a plant-based material after all!) to ensure that your bags last longer and in perfect condition consider the following recommendations:
  • Please store your products with care. Place them upright, away from direct sunlight and do not stack handbags on top of one another.
  • Avoid hanging your bags by their straps as this might exert more pressure on the strap connectors, causing them to wear or tear prematurely.
  • Don't store the bags in small places so as to avoid folding or pressing.


If you have any additional questions regarding your Palinoh products, please shoot us an email at