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Our Mission

Born from a need, Palinoh products deliver a truly sustainable option for those looking to rock “leather products” without sacrificing their values.

For a long time, the majority of the vegan leather products available have contained PVC or other plastic components. While these materials are cruelty-free, we found it counterproductive that these options were also harmful for the environment.

We wanted to create a designer product made from natural materials, using as few resources as possible. Through research and conversations, we decided to use Cactus for our "leather" textiles as tribute to our native country and to support the local communities that benefit from this new industry.

Celebrating Mexican innovation, we use Desserto®’s Cactus Leather innovation to produce cruelty-free and sustainable designs that ultimately biodegrade (after 10 years!).

Our production process is also low-wastes; each bag is handmade and collections are produced in small batches, in this way we ensure that less waste is produced and that our employees are paid a fair and living wage.

Finally, Palinoh products are not designed to follow micro-trends instead, we focus on creating timeless classics that never go out of style. Additionally, most of our handbags are adjustable and/or convertible. By doing this, we encourage a more conscious and slow consumption behavior - promoting the idea that products adapt to our lifestyle and not temporary trends.

A new brand, our mission is to keep learning and evolving so we can ultimately create a truly low-impact brand.