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The Nopal

A native plant of Zacatecas, the Nopal (also known as the prickly pear cactus) needs no intricate irrigation system, use of pesticides or fertilizers to grow abundantly.

This cactus species is perennial and common to the region, meaning that cultivation and harvest doesn't happen annually - instead each plant lasts around 8 years, ensuring a healthy soil ecosystem that isn't uprooted or affected.

Cactus also sequesters carbon dioxide at night and absorbs water present in the atmosphere. Just from desserto plantation of 14 acres, 8,100 tons of CO2 are absorbed a year. This carbon sequestration feeds the microorganisms in the soil, organically strengthening the micro-flora and naturally storing water supplies.

Resilient and innocuous - the Nopal's is our central player in our sustainable leather designs.